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Your can book discounted Weekly or Monthly House Cleaning!

In addition to our office cleaning services and house cleaning, you can order online.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
Thank you all for the service you provide. I've enjoyed all of them, today we had a lovely day with the ladies Gulay. My house was spotless as I want it, thank you very much.
Customer Reviews
When you know that I can handle the cleaning in the house we just moved into’u I found it. Post construction service in just three steps and never tirelessly in the process I bought I put them in order. I mentioned cleaning team came to my address and on the date the process started. I mis home at the end of cleaning, such as ready-to-go was delivered in the way you live. Thank you to everyone she cared for us and satisfaction to us that offer this service.
Customer Reviews
I was very pleased with the house cleaning service. We talked about my order complete and in a clean manner creating all the cleaning details took place. I'm thinking of getting the service again in a short while.
Berna FADE
Customer Reviews
Really the best cleaning service I have received so far, but it was staffed as the service I received could have been two so professional I will use again and again. 10 out of 10!
Customer Reviews
I was very pleased with the service and the cleaning lady did a really good sparkling clean the makes cleaning our daughter Remziye came in 15 days, who knows what we'll get is a lady, very polite, very insightful thank you so much for introducing such a smooth employee temizlikyolda I'll see you at the next service.
Handan RIGHT
Customer Reviews
Reliable staff, it is recommended that callers carefully. I've never experienced any victimization on the contrary, quite meticulous and attentive as the Lady finished cleaning. Satisfaction guaranteed for all services it really is very reassuring that I had no problems until today. At the end of the involvement of the entire team earned points in opinion polls, and the service very nice, thank you very much!
Customer Reviews
Kıyafetlerim belirttiğim tarihte tertemiz şekilde adresime ücretsiz servis hizmetiyle teslim edildi. Online sipariş oluşturma kolaylığı ve fiyatların mağaza fiyatlarından daha uygun olmasından çok memnun kaldım. Düşünmeden tekrar hizmet alacağım. :)
Customer Reviews
In step three, cleaning the house and I didn't think I'd be so happy I could order. Professional, fast and reliable service.
Customer Reviews
Services that make employees lives easier. 1 hour later after I give my order online, Express house cleaning company at my address in the way, really great service.
ISTANBUL cleaning the house by providing online ordering, users function as a bridge between referenced with cleaners. Temizlikyol in many of the cleaning staff offers the service under the roof. Experienced and expert cleaning staff in cleaning many dozens in the reference Test and have been incorporated into the training process through our system. We're here to make the best one for you and your home, you can create a reservation by selecting the time of service that works for you.

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Okay, But I Have Questions!

We have two different service options as 4 hours (Half Day) and 8 hours (Full Day). You can make a reservation by choosing the period that suits you from these service periods.
After you have completed your booking to you by e-mail we are giving information that your cleaning request has been received we will contact you if we have questions. Before cleaning day, hour until 18:00 The Janitor share the information via SMS to be routed.
1 female staff for cleaning. However, when creating your appointment, if you wish, cumshot the number of staff with more than 1 staff you can choose.
Before cleaning day, hour until 18:00 The Janitor share the information via SMS to be routed.
You can decide with this cleaner. Don't forget to give the key back or losing against situations such as to meet you somewhere and we took the key from the cleaning lady or you determine to surrender after cleaning we recommend. Temizlikyolda we would like to remind that we are not responsible of lost of keys.
We do our best to serve you on the day and time you want. However, finalized bookings in advance due to the cleaning staff the day according to the date they were empty when I can fill up and we are taking reservations.
Yes, construction/renovation made after the rough cleaning, heavy lifting or involve wall/carpet/surface stains deep cleaning for homes that are not within our scope standard ready to move on we're doing. According to our experience, this is sort of a normal house cleaning regular house cleaning detergents and equipment may require more extensive while compared to take longer than. Considering these, we recommend you to choose the time.
Of course we do, according to the size of the area when booking a reservation by increasing the number of staff you can create.

TEMİZLİKYOLDA.COM HOW DOES IT WORK?; It is an award-winning internet company established for your cleaning needs such as House Cleaning and Office Cleaning. With, you can find individual cleaning staff serving in the areas closest to your address and get service. When choosing cleaning companies, you can make an online order by comparing them according to criteria such as cleaning prices, points, comments, reservation status. You always earn points for your completed orders, and you can use your points for the cleaning service you want in the next orders. You can make your payments online and even choose the installment option by credit card.

With our newly started daily housekeeping service, you can also create an order through the daily housekeepers, and reach the referenced, reliable cleaners and cleaning companies closest to your address. You can choose between half-day cleaning and full-day cleaning options and buy only as much cleaning as you need at the most affordable prices.

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